Aliplast is a leader in the collection and recycling of plastic waste and scraps and in the production of high-quality recycled plastic materials, with a focus on total sustainability. The company’s state-of-the-art vision guides the expansion in the sector. We are a constantly growing, sound, reliable organization. We work to ensure the certainty for customers that they will always be assisted by the best possible partner for a more effective use and ethically responsible management of plastics, while minimizing their environmental impact.

Aliplast has rethought plastics and transformed them: from a problem to be dealt with to a solution to invest in. What once seemed like an utopia became possible when, starting from plastic waste and scrap collection, we progressed to recycling and opened up new possibilities for sustainable production and for the circular economy of companies, playing a key role in a world that is more and more attuned to environmentally respectful innovation. It is an advanced recycling system: from the management and collection of packaging materials and industrial scrap, to the recycling and production of recycled polymers, through to the marketing of articles and new packaging materials made from the recycled plastic.

Thus, Aliplast produces PET and Polyethylene in large flakes and finished products. Today wastes have become a new resource. The Aliplast recycled plastic is a secondary raw material, but it is second to none in quality and reliability.

And every day Aliplast continues to think of ways to make it even better, customizing products together with customers and partners.

Aliplast was founded in 1982 as a service company for the collection of plastic materials. The continuous investments in research and the application of cutting-edge technologies led Aliplast to expand its range of services over time: the collection was first integrated with regeneration and then with the production of recycled plastic products and packaging. Later the company obtained the recognition of the PARI system (Plan for the Autonomous Management of Packaging Waste), which allows it to manage independently, compared to the national system, its own packaging and the waste generated by them, as it is able to guarantee traceability.

The core of this success is the distinctive feature of Aliplast, the first company in Italy able to manage in complete autonomy and independence the life cycle of its plastic packaging, from collection to recycling to the production of a wide range of new materials.


Aliplast has always been a reliable and expert partner able to guarantee efficiency, continuous quality and economic advantages. Some of the most important companies operating in Italy and abroad have chosen Aliplast to be supported in the management of plastic waste collection. Some important suppliers of Aliplast are, at the same time, among the major customers of the same: this is made possible thanks to a virtuous circuit that allows companies to reuse their waste in order to allow the creation of new end products efficient and economically advantageous while allowing, at the same time, a significant saving of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to the full benefit of the environment.