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In the Hera business plan 80 million for Aliplast

10 February 2023

The Industrial Plan confirms the investments, some of which have already been announced, for the realisation of projects aimed at enhancing the recycling of plastics and composites, headed by the subsidiary Aliplast. 80 million euros will be allocated," reads a note, "both to expand plant capacity in segments already covered, such as the production of recycled PET for food use and recycled polymers for cosmetics and food, and in niche and more innovative segments. These are, in particular, the plants for the regeneration of carbon fibres in Imola (BO) and for the recycling of rigid plastics in Modena.

The recycling of carbon fibres, used in the automotive sector in the Emilia district, will see the collaboration of Curti and the University of Bologna. The process will take place through pyrolysis followed by gasification.

As far as the recycling of rigid plastics for packaging is concerned, there is talk of a production capacity of around 30,000 tonnes per year. In this case, the technological partner should be NextChem, a company of the Maire Tecnimont group, which will provide the technologies for upcycling regenerated polymers, destined for the market of premium materials replacing virgin materials in technical applications in the automotive, ITC and consumer electronics industries.

The goal for 2026,' says the company, 'is to double the volumes of plastics recycled (and sold by Aliplast) compared to 2017, also confirming the target of +150% (again with reference to 2017) to be reached by 2030.

Through Herambiente, the group also aims to increase the recycling rate of packaging to 73% by 2026 (and to 80% by 2030) and to achieve a separate collection rate of 77%, also thanks to the implementation of smart collection systems and new technological systems for punctual measurement of deliveries.

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