The system

The secret of a great success, accessible to all.

Efficient, effective and economical, Aliplast's PARI System is unique in Italy and provides clear advantages:

  • offers its customers packaging belonging to the virtuous circuit of circular economy, with the same performance as a virgin polymer
  • benefits from a reduced environmental contribution, providing additional economic savings to the user, as the contribution applied is lower than that applied by other consortia and systems on similar products
  • ensures not less than 60% of the closure of the circle on packaging produced, guaranteeing not only the collection but also the recycling, aimed at the production of new packaging.

The PARI System (Plan for the Autonomous Management of Packaging Waste) is a system for the autonomous management of "one's own" packaging waste, provided for by Article 221 of the Consolidated Environmental Text (Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments and additions). It was developed by Aliplast in its capacity as a producer of PE-LD (Film) packaging, and is based on the company's ability, thanks to a capillary collection network distributed throughout Italy, to collect and send for recovery at least 60% of its packaging released for consumption.
The PARI System makes it possible to develop a virtuous circular economy circuit from packaging - to waste - to new packaging in a sector typically characterised by a 'linear' economy model, ensuring that new raw materials are brought to market from waste.
The main requirements that the standard requires to be fulfilled in order to obtain recognition as an Autonomous System are the implementation of a system that is efficient, effective and economical, the demonstration of the ability to achieve recovery and recycling targets, the provision of information to users and end-users on the methods adopted and coverage of the national territory, as well as the ability to track 'own' packaging waste. Compliance with these requirements has enabled the PARI System to obtain recognition, thanks to the integration of activities aimed at complying with these requirements in every single phase of the packaging life cycle.

Il sistema Pari Aliplast

The information of users and end-users already takes place within the business relationship with the customer, who is informed about the modalities of the system adopted by means of the appropriate forms, and supported by PARI personnel in the communication activities they wish to address to their customers, in order to promote the added value of the use of recycled and recyclable packaging, destined for a dedicated collection network.
PARI packaging, in fact, not only reduces CO2 emissions thanks to the use of recycled plastic, but also gives access to specific collection systems aimed at recycling and transformation into new products, in a circular economy perspective. On this subject, see the section on collection.
PARI packaging, during production, is marked with a special mark (size 74 x 42 mm, and position customisable according to customer requirements) that fulfils two different functions:


  • Enable the end user, or whoever happens to hold the PARI-labelled waste, to get in touch with Aliplast to organise collection;

  • Recognise, during collection and recycling, PARI-labelled waste from others, and quantify the amount.

Further information on the PARI System can be found by consulting the Guide, or by contacting the dedicated toll-free number 800.01.55.00 (operating from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday).