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Aliplast attends Ecomondo 2022

12 October 2022

Once again this year we will participate in Ecomondo, at Hall C1, Stand 5, with an exhibition space of over 500 square meters, embellished once again by the works of SCART, the project aimed at the artistic regeneration of industrial waste.


Aliplast and Zignago Vetro: a partnership based on sustainability

30 September 2022

Aliplast and Zignago Vetro are writing a fully Italian success story. Zignago Vetro is one of the top companies in the international glass packaging market: it works in the food, beverage and cosmetics industries. Aliplast, part of Herambiente – the largest Italian provider of industrial waste treatment – is a leader in plastic recycling for the production of regenerated polymers, flexible films and sheets.


The new Aliplast corporate video is on air

22 September 2022

Recycling plastic is a simple act... even for companies! Our new corporate video opens with this message, highlighting Aliplast's unique experience in plastic recycling, gained in over 40 years of activity, and which allows our company, now part of the Hera Group, to stand as a leader in the world of post-consumer plastic recycling.


We work for the wine and Champagne industry

28 June 2022

Aliplast helps the Champagne and Bordeaux markets in France, serving wine companies in those regions. This sector aims to be increasingly sustainable, a goal towards which Aliplast helps significantly. Aliplast is actually a leader in this field, offering high quality products, in line with the premium segment in which they are used.


Aliplast supports "A Sail For The Blue": a large sailing enterprise to analyze ocean microplastics

09 June 2022

Our company is sponsoring the latest adventure of Alfredo Giacon, an internationally renowned skipper and writer: a sailing trip in the Atlantic Ocean that will take him to the "plastic islands," for the purpose of analyzing their composition.


Aliplast at PRSE: the third step of an important exhibition season

01 June 2022

Riding on the success of the France Innovation Plasturgie (FIP) in Lyon and the Ipack-IMA trade show in Milan, our company is preparing to participate in the Plastic Recling Show (PRSE), which will take place in Amsterdam on June 22 and 23. The events in France and Italy were well attended and were important for strengthening customer relationships and exploring the market in search of new opportunities


Aliplast at Ipack-IMA with “Reload”: a new concept for plastic recovery and reuse

29 March 2022

The company, headquartered in Ospedaletto di Istrana, Treviso, and part of Herambiente since 2017, is a leader in the recovery and recycling of plastic materials. Today, Aliplast can offer companies regenerated polymers, flexible rLDPE films and rPET sheets, products that have multiple applications in the packaging industry. At the Milan fair, the company will showcase its commercial portfolio, but will also launch “Reload,” a new brand that guarantees the quality of its products.


Aliplast at FIP 2022: innovative technologies for the French market, and not only!

15 March 2022

From 5 to 8 April next, we will take part in France Innovation Plasturgie (FIP) in Lyon, a reference event dedicated to technologies for the treatment and recycling of plastics. FIP 2022 will be characterized by a new format and will revolve around three thematic areas: plastics, composite materials and rubber industry. A central role will be played by technologies applied to the production and recycling of plastics, with specific reference to circular processes. Processes such as the "closed loop" carried out by our company, a model that provides for the withdrawal of waste directly from the customer and the return of the same regenerated product.


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