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Read the latest news about the plastics recycling and regeneration business and Aliplast's other initiatives to support the integrated plastics cycle and the circular economy.

Even RecyClass certification for Aliplast recycled plastic.

13 November 2023

By achieving RecyClass certifications, the Hera Group Company is able to certify the exact percentage of recycled plastic contained in secondary raw materials and finished products. A support for customers, looking at the regulatory developments of the plastic tax


Aliplast attending Ecomondo 2023

24 October 2023

From 7 to 10 November 2023, Ecomondo, Europe's reference expo on ecological transition, technological and industrial innovation in environmental services and the green economy, in particular waste and resources, the circular bio-economy and water, will return to the Fiera di Rimini.


Aliplast and Cosmetica Italia present guidelines for sustainable cosmetic packaging

18 October 2023

Aliplast, together with Cosmetica Italia, the association representing the national cosmetics industry, presented an innovative white paper entitled "Plastic Packaging in the Cosmetic Sector."


Aliplast's recycled Reload to avoid the impact of the plastic tax

15 September 2023

From the beginning of 2023, Spain has been applying a tax that charges 0.45 Euros for each kilogram of non-recycled plastic used in the production of single-use packaging, which will also have a relevant impact on ceramic packaging, such as shrink film. Aliplast, a European leader in plastic recycling, can turn the problem into an opportunity with its Reload products. In the scenario of a fully operational Plastic Tax, using an Aliplast film leads to savings of up to 450 Euros per ton compared to the costs incurred when using a 100 percent virgin product


New Aliplast Lab: An open environment of innovation in plastic recycling

23 May 2023

The company, part of Gruppo Hera, a European leader in plastic regeneration, opened its new laboratory in Ospedaletto d’Istrana: a facility open to customers to co-design high-end products, reducing development time and costs


Spreading the culture of recycling in trade fairs this spring

21 March 2023

From Interpack to PRS Europe to Packaging & Recycling Show. Three major events in less than two months, three different opportunities to strengthen client relations and introduce this year’s road map that will have Aliplast, a Hera Group company specialized in plastic recycling and production, engaged in key projects such as the construction of two plants and the expansion of the current Research and Development facilities.


Aliplast hosted the Plastics Recyclers Europe Working Group

02 March 2023

After three years, the Plastics Recyclers Europe Working Group, an event dedicated to the most important players in the world of plastics recycling, is back.


Gruppo Herambiente, CURTI and Università di Bologna partner to recycle carbon fiber

27 February 2023

At the beginning of March, work will begin on the construction of an innovative plant for the regeneration of carbon fiber, which will make Italian manufacturing more sustainable, as the material will be used by leading Italian industries such as the automotive, aerospace and nautical industries. Old components currently end up in landfills, but thanks to the technologies developed together by Gruppo Hera, Curti and the Università di Bologna Industrial Chemistry Department, these can now be recovered and recycled, resulting in a recycled product equal to virgin material. The fiber will be recycled and regenerated in a plant that is purpose-built by Herambiente in Imola, with the support of Aliplast, a Hera group company specialized in the production of recycled plastic that will be tasked with coordinating business strategies.


In the Hera business plan 80 million for Aliplast

10 February 2023

The aim is to double the volume of recycled plastics by 2026 compared to 2017 levels, also thanks to two new plants for carbon fibres and rigid plastics.