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Read the latest news about the plastics recycling and regeneration business and Aliplast's other initiatives to support the integrated plastics cycle and the circular economy.

ALIPLAST and HASI: The winning combination for the reuse of industrial waste in food & beverage packaging

12 November 2021

HASI (Herambiente Servizi Industriali), the leading Italian company in industrial waste management, and Aliplast, a leader in plastic recovery and recycling, are both part of Gruppo Herambiente. The two companies work together to serve clients in different industries. Their partnership focuses on the management of projects aimed at reducing and recovering waste, offering a unique end-to-end service bundle. Among the businesses served by Aliplast and Hasi is Granarolo, an extremely prominent group in the dairy industry, that relies on them for their industrial waste management.


Life Cycle Assessment: assigning real value to the concept of sustainability

15 September 2021

Aliplast, part of the Herambiente group, has been operating for more than thirty years in the recovery and recycling of plastics: a material that, if recovered and reworked correctly, can provide a significant contribution to the protection of the ecosystem. Aliplast relies on Life Cycle Assessment or “LCA”, a holistic process for assessing the environmental impact of a product or activity, by identifying and quantifying the energy and materials used, and the waste released in the environment. LCA also requires the identification and assessment of different processes to implement improvements. Today, LCA represents one of the main tools for the implementation of integrated environmental policies for products and/or services: it constitutes a practical development of the “Life Cycle Thinking” concept.


Aliplast at the forefront of the circular economy of plastics with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

06 September 2021

Aliplast, part of the Hera Group, in its ongoing commitment to the development of a circular economy for plastics, proudly supports the projects of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the international foundation that works towards the development of a circular economy system globally, in collaboration with businesses, universities, policy makers and institutions.


Aliplast wins Compraverde 2021 award

09 June 2021

Now in its fourth edition, the award was promoted by the Veneto Region, with the collaboration of Unioncamere Veneto, Confindustria Veneto, CNA Veneto and Confartigianato Veneto and is an important recognition for companies that demonstrate to adopt sustainable production and management models.


Aliplast and CDC Studio: recycled plastic is fashionable

17 May 2021

CDC Studio is an innovative startup in the fashion industry that employs recycled materials produced by Aliplast for the manufacturing of its clothes and fabrics. The experience of CDC Studio, founded by the energetic Tuscan businesswoman Cristina di Carlo, is an example of virtuous use of reclaimed materials for a high profile industry such as that of fabrics and fashion. Through this partnership, Aliplast strengthens its commitment to developing plastic reuse processes, thus further improving the sustainability of a solid and high quality material.


ISO 28000: providing security in times of insecurity

08 March 2021

A few weeks after obtaining ISO 45001, our company gains further recognition for the quality of its processes, thanks to the achievement of ISO 28000 certification; an international standard that defines the requirements of the safety management system along the entire supply chain.


Aliplast obtains ISO 45001 certification

12 January 2021

Aliplast kicks off the new year in the best way possible by obtaining ISO 45001 certification for its Istrana plant.