Aliplast supports "A Sail For The Blue": a large sailing enterprise to analyze ocean microplastics

09 June 2022

Our company is supporting the latest adventure of Alfredo Giacon, internationally renowned skipper and writer: a sailing trip in the Atlantic Ocean that will take him to the "plastic islands," for the purpose of analyzing their composition.
Accompanying Giacon on the voyage will be Valentina Poli (pictured), a researcher in environmental engineering at the University of Padua, who will be in charge of the data collection and analysis phases. The specific purpose of the project-whose full title is "A Sail for the Blue: Research for Oceans and Microplastics"-is in fact to sample and monitor the dispersion and abundance of plastics and microplastics in the Atlantic Ocean.
"Il mio viaggio due mesi in barca a vela nell'oceano Atlantico per dare la caccia alle microplastiche"
Click on this link to find the video of the projectClick here

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