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Aliplast and Cosmetica Italia present guidelines for sustainable cosmetic packaging

18 October 2023

Aliplast, together with Cosmetica Italia, the association representing the national cosmetics industry, presented an innovative white paper entitled "Plastic Packaging in the Cosmetic Sector."

This paper combines the know-how of Aliplast and the experience of Cosmetica Italia to develop practical and operational guidelines aimed at the eco-design of fully recyclable plastic containers. The presentation took place during Milano Beauty Week, an event dedicated to promoting innovation and sustainability in the cosmetics industry. The white paper stems from the growing need to combine the aesthetics of cosmetic products with a commitment to environmental sustainability and offers detailed guidelines for the eco-design of polymeric containers for cosmetics with the aim of supporting the industry in creating plastic packaging that is in line with European Union regulations and environmentally friendly.

The main key points of the white paper are:

·       Design for recycling: the paper provides an overview of the processes of collecting, sorting, and recycling plastic materials. It also offers detailed guidance on how to design each packaging component, including the main body, closure system, container color, barrier layers, labeling, and use of decoration inks.

·       Package sizes: a section of the white paper focuses on container sizing. Often, small cosmetic items are excluded from traditional recycling processes because they are too small to be separated by plant separators. The white paper suggests practical solutions to address this problem.

·       The use of recycled plastic: The paper highlights the importance of using recycled plastic for packaging production. An example from Aliplast shows that a PET granule from virgin material emits three times more CO2 emissions than the same granule derived from recycled PET.

The white paper is already available at this link :

Below are interviews with Carlo Andriolo, CEO of Aliplast, and Benedetto Lavino, President of Cosmetica Italia.

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