The event will be an opportunity to discuss the culture of sustainability and the circular economy in the packaging sector.

12 February 2020

From 20 to 21 February, Bologna will host the international forum "Packaging Speaks Green" at FICO (Via Canali, 8), promoted by UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association) and Fondazione Fico. The event will be an opportunity to discuss the culture of sustainability and circular economy in the packaging sector. The growing and current problem of sustainable packaging in the supply chain will be discussed. Three main topics: trends and legislation on consumption, retailers and owners of brands, materials and technologists.
The two-day event will be attended by experts from the USA, the European Union, India, China, Australia, to present the choices that the governments of these key markets are introducing on environmental issues to raise awareness in society and industry. Some of the world's leading retailers and producers of consumer goods will illustrate concrete examples of best practices in packaging management for different product sectors, in order to testify to a concrete and continuously developing commitment.
Herambiente and Aliplast will also bring their contribution, on 21 February, with two dedicated talks.  The CEO of Aliplast, Carlo Andriolo, will talk about the resource of recycled plastic in the packaging industry and the Closed Loop of Aliplast, showing how it is possible to develop virtuous logic of circular economy between companies also managing to maintain high standards of safety, economic performance and production. The General Manager of Herambiente Gianluca Valentini, with his speech "The Italian context of special waste and sustainable solutions for the recovery of waste, packaging and industrial waste" will illustrate the panorama of this specific market and the best practices implemented by Herambiente, in some of the main Italian manufacturing groups, to maximize the recovery and recycling of production waste.
The world of research will also be present at "Packaging Speaks Green"; it will be represented by Universities and Research Centres committed to new materials and packaging design.


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