Aliplast, servizi ambientali e produzione polimeri

  • A virtuous circle

    From the collection, to the recycle up to the new products. an integrated and traceable process that turns waste into resources.

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  • At the service of the environment

    The ideal partner for companies oriented to the waste recuction and to the minimum envirmental impact

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  • A complete range of products

    Products in new or recycled materials, custom, economically competitive: the best response to every need.

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Since 2017, as a result of the agreement signed with Herambiente, Aliplast has become part of the Hera Group, one of the main Italian multiutility operating in the environment, water and energy sectors.

Herambiente Group has always been present and active in the development of a circular economy model, minimizing more and more the use of landfill.

In synergy with Aliplast, Herambiente operates on the market with a distinctive and unique element concretely belonging to the circular economy, able to offer its customers reliable and integrated solutions. In this way Herambiente services complete and close the virtual circle of sustainability: from the collection and recovery of plastic waste up to the regeneration of new plastic products.

Aliplast, in complete autonomy and independence, converts the waste in new resource, managing, in this way, the integrated circle of plastic. Its main task is giving the maximum in terms of sustainability to the cycle life of plastic, collecting, recycling and producing new materials suitable with the high satisfaction standards of the customers and, at the same time, producing the least possible environmental impact.

Aliplast, thanks to constant investment to Research and Development and thanks to a continuous innovation technology regarding products, services and processes, presents itself as a reliable and expert partner for the development of a traceable plastics division, able to convert a fractional chain into a virtuous circle, ensuring a final production with high quality, efficient and economically convenient as, and even more than the traditional materials.


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