Together with Herambiente, so that every waste becomes a resource.

Since 2017 Aliplast has become part of Herambiente Group, a company of the Hera Group and the first national operator in the treatment of all types of waste.

The Herambiente Group has always been present and active in the development of a circular economy model, increasingly minimising the use of landfills. With around 6.7 million tonnes of waste treated each year, Herambiente has 89 certified plants and employs over 1,400 specialised operators, providing high level services that also represent a benchmark on a European scale.

Aliplast, in complete autonomy and independence, continuously converts plastic waste in new resource, managing, in a sustainable way, the integrated cycle of plastic. Aliplast is an expert partner for the development of a trackable plastic chain, able to transform a fragmented chain into a virtuous circle.

In partnership with Aliplast, Herambiente offers its customers reliable and integrated solutions, able to complete and close the virtual circle of sustainability. From the collection and recovery of plastic waste derived from scraps up to the regeneration of new plastic products that have nothing to envy to the original raw material.

Cutting-edge technologies, high environmental performance, total traceability, progressive reduction of the use of landfills, energy recovery and promotion of renewables complete an excellent profile that reflects the values of the circular economy, transforming them into competitive advantages for all customers.

Welcome to the PARI System

A concrete example of circular economy.

A virtuous circle
Packaging > Waste > New packaging.

Autonomous and transparent management.





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The event will be an opportunity to discuss the culture of sustainability and the circular economy in the packaging sector.
Meeting on 21 February with two dedicated speeches: one by Aliplast CEO Carlo Ariolo and the second by Herambiente General Manager Gianluca Valentini.

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